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Thai Marriage Laws

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a list of basic questions that get asked from time to time and this should not be a substitute for proper legal advice. Always speak to an attorney in Thailand if you wish to have more information and see what your options are in Thailand. The reality is that if you get married to a Thai there are no benefits to it in Thailand as the laws are complex and not always foreigner friendly. These would be typical situations.

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Gay Marriage in Thailand

Same-sex unions in Thailand is not allowed even though many have been advocating for its legalisation. Thailand is still very conservative in this regard and even though there has been much discussion over the years in government it has not made much progress.

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Islamic Marriage in Thailand

Muslim marriages do occur in Thailand and there is also a growing number of converts to Islam in Thailand. Many simply want an Islamic marriage without the registration however obtaining a visa on this type of traditional marriage will not get you very far. In order to get married in Thailand you will have to obtain a letter of affirmation from your local Embassy in Bangkok to start the process.

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Thai Marriage Visa

The Thai Marriage Visa is explained below with the marriage registration explained elsewhere on this website. If you are married to a Thai national then you can apply for a marriage visa in Thailand. This visa allows you to live with your Thai wife in Thailand however the visa does not give you the right to work. There are financial requirements for the marriage visa and these have been listed below.

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Marriage Requirements

These are the rules in Thailand for getting married. If these rules are not followed than you might be in a situation where the marriage needs to be annulled. A voidable marriage can be costly in the end as the attorneys have to file for an annulment with the Thai courts. Ensure that you have all the documents as needed and that you have all the requirements for the marriage.

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