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Civil Partner Visa

The civil partner visa is not well known or understood. You will note on this website the article on gay marriage or same-sex marriage in Thailand. Even though you cannot get married in Thailand as a same-sex couple you are allowed to live in the UK on a Civil Partner Visa. Same-sex couples who register a civil partnership are treat the same way legally as an opposite-sex relationship.

Civil Partner Visa

In order to obtain this visa you are going to need to show proof of a long and real relationship. If you and your Thai partner are in a same-sex relationship much like marriage, then he/she may be eligible for this visa. The requirements for the civil partner visa is as follows:

  • 1.       You and your civil partner must be at least 18 years old; and
  • 2.       You and your civil partner have both met and are committed to the relationship;
  • 3.       The relationship is monogamous,
  • 4.       You both must intend to live together, and establish a permanent home together.

Civil Partner VisaCompared to the UK spouse visa the civil partner visa is more difficult as there is no marriage certificate. As there have always been issue with fraud the British Embassy is going to want to ensure that it is not a scam partnership to enter the United Kingdom for other reasons. You are going to need to show as above that both are committed to the relationship.

They would normally want to see accounts like a married couple where the two of you have lived as husband and wife. This would be accounts in his/her name as well as yours going to the same address in Thailand on a monthly bases for more than a year.

You will need to speak to an attorney about this as they would know which documents would be needed and what the Embassy in Bangkok will view as being proof of a valid relationship. You are also going to need to prove that you plan on living together in the UK permanently as a civil union.

Civil Partner Requirements

Much like the UK spouse visa you are going to need to meet the other requirements as well:

  • 1.       You and your Thai partner must be 18 years old or older;
  • 2.       You have met each other in person and are living together as husband and wife;
  • 3.       You and you Thai partner  must intend to live together permanently in the UK;
  • 4.       You must have enough money to support yourselves in the UK;
  • 5.       You must earn more than £18,600 per year;
  • 6.       You must have proper accommodation for you, your partner and any dependants;
  • 7.       He/She must satisfy the English language requirements.
  • 8.       Her tuberculosis test results
  • 9.       Thai Police Clearance certificate

This is a very difficult visa to apply for as the proof needs to be good at showing a long and real relationship. Since it is a civil union it does not have a marriage certificate the Embassy is very careful to check for scams. Speak to an attorney in Bangkok today for more information about the visa application and how best to apply and obtain the visa which will allow you partner into the UK for 33 months.