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Gay Marriage in Thailand

Gay marriage in Thailand is not legally possible yet. Same-sex unions in Thailand is not allowed even though many have been advocating for its legalisation. Thailand is still very conservative in this regard. This even though there has been much discussion over the years in government it has not made much progress.

Gay Marriage in Thailand

Propositions have been around in parliament however no laws have as yet been drafted for it and nobody appears to know how it will be implemented if it was legalised. With all of Thailand’s political issues over the past 8 years it is not seen as a matter which warrants any priority in government.

The government however did take a poll on the issue to see how much support there was for same-sex unions in Thailand however only 40% of people supported it. The question in Thailand was do you simply change the definition of marriage or do you create another definition for same-sex unions. There was much objection to the proposal of creating another definition of marriage for gays as it was opposed by the gay community in Thailand. What they wanted was a change in definition so that every couple both same-sex and straight would share the same definition.

In order to bring new laws into being in Thailand would require 251 parliamentarians to sign the bill and tGay Marriage in Thailandhis is not going to happen according to most as Thai politicians are still very conservative and many are old. The newer generation of younger Thai politicians might view things differently however.

Objects to same sex marriage

There had also been two objections. The first being that you need to be 20 years old for a same-sex union. This whereas straight people have an age limit of 17 to get married. The final objection was also that the parties had to identify as male or female. This was the final objection as the gay community wanted a gender neutral definition. It’s a very complex issue that will not take root in conservative Thailand, at least in this generation.

Though you are not married in Thailand, as a same-sex couple. You can still apply as a couple for the UK under a partner visa for the UK. Also, Australia also allows for couple of same sex to apply for the partner visa for Australia. The visa process to Australia however is problematic. This as you will need to prove your “gayness’ as same-sex marriage is not allowed. The current immigration problems in Australia has been mainly because of abuse of the system. Also unlike heterosexual couples, same-sex couples do not have the ability to get married to simplify the burdensome bureaucratic process.

If you are looking at a partnership visa for Australia or the UK. Then speak to an attorney in Thailand for sound advice and guidance as there are many issues with the process.

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