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Islamic Marriage in Thailand

An Islamic marriage in Thailand does occur in Thailand and there is also a growing number of converts to Islam in Thailand. Many simply want an Islamic marriage without the registration however obtaining a visa on this type of traditional marriage will not get you very far. In order to get married in Thailand you will have to obtain a letter of affirmation from your local Embassy in Bangkok to start the process.

Islamic Marriage in Thailand

There is only one law firm in Thailand that does Islamic wedding conversions and arranging all the registration paperwork for you and that is GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok and also in Phuket if you are in Southern Thailand.

Islamic Marriage in ThailandThere is an article on this website about the procedures for the most common Islamic countries nationals that get married in Thailand. Most Islamic marriages paperwork starts in your home country, be this Malaysia, Jordan, Morocco or Indonesia. Read the article on the process and documents needed. Once you have these documents then you can proceed further without much issue. Note also on this website the marriage requirements in Thailand in order to have a legally binding marriage.

Islamic Marriage Process

Firstly once you have the needed documents you can now arrange for an Islamic wedding in Thailand. If you are getting married to a non-Muslim then you need to make the needed arrangements. This with the Islamic Centre in Bangkok to conduct the conversion process. If you are using an attorney to do this for you then the process can be conducted at the attorneys’ offices in Bangkok without much issue. The process takes about 30 minutes however all the needed arrangements need to be made on very tight schedules as the Islamic Centre is very busy and not always easy to get an Imam to come out. Note that she will need a letter from her parents for the conversion to take place. The letter is for the Imam.

Conversion Process

Once the conversion process has been completed then you can now arrange the traditional wedding. You now need to take your documents which you brought from your home country as requested by your Embassy in Bangkok to the Embassy for your “Freedom to Marry” affidavit. Once this has been completed all the documents need to be translated into the Thai language and certified. The documents now need to be taken to the Thai Foreign Affairs office. This is for verification and this takes a couple of hours to complete.

The documents for the Islamic marriage in Thailand that have now been verified. It now needs to be taken to the local District Office where the marriage certificate will be issued. This part of the process should not take more than an hour to complete. If you are not certain about the process then speak to a lawyer in Thailand for advice and guidance. You can also apply for a 12 month visa in Thailand. This once you are married and you current visa can be converted for you. See also the requirements for a marriage visa in Thailand.

Take sound legal advice when getting married in Thailand.

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