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Islamic Letter of Affirmation

The Islamic letter of affirmation is explained and its complex. Islamic countries tend to be more difficult to obtain the letters of affirmation from until their Western counter parts. Some Embassies will only issue a letter of affirmation if you are marrying another Muslim and others start the process in their own home countries and not in Bangkok. This is a brief breakdown of the most common nationalities in Thailand.

Letter of Affirmation: IslamicIslamic Letter of Affirmation

Jordanian: Letter of Affirmation

You will need to obtain your “Freedom to Marry” while in Jordan for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This documents then needs to the taken to the Thai Embassy in Jordan or have it verified and translated. Once you have these documents you will need to present it to the Thai Foreign Affairs Department for verification again.

Morocco: Letter of Affirmation

Much like the Jordanians, Moroccan nationals need to start the process at the Foreign affairs Ministry in Morocco. They need to provide you with a status letter and this has to be brought with you to Thailand to the Moroccan Embassy in Bangkok. You will also need to provide an original divorce decree and death certificate if you are widowed or divorced. The Embassy here will then provide you with your letter of “Freedom to Marry” in Bangkok.

Malaysian: Letter of Affirmation

Malaysian nationals in Thailand much like the others also start in their home country of Malaysia. You will first need to obtain a statutory declaration from the JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negera) in Malaysia. Once you have this it need to be brought to the Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok where they will then issue you with a letter of “Freedom to Marry”. Note that a divorce decree and death certificate (originals) would also be needed if you are divorced or widowed. Speak to the Malaysian Embassy for more details. The fee last time was 200THB for the affidavit.

Indonesia: Letter of Affirmation

If you are an Indonesia or getting married to one then the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok will require the following. Your Indonesian ID card as well as passport and also the Elucidation of marital status from District office in Indonesia (Surat Keterangan Belum Menikah dari Kelurahan/Kecamatan). If you are younger than 20 then you also need parental permission for the marriage affidavit. Divorce decree and death certificate if you are a widow or divorced. The fee is about $20 per affidavit. They do not accept Thai Baht at the Embassy.

These are the most common nationalities in Thailand from Islamic countries. As you will note that the Islamic letter of affirmation can be very difficult. Each requires documentation from home before the process can start in Thailand. Speak to the Embassy or to a lawyer in Thailand for more information about your marriage registration and you “Freedom to Marry” affidavit.  See also marriage registration in Thailand and marriage requirements in Thailand for more information about getting married in the Kingdom.

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