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Marriage in Thailand for Danish Nationals

So you want to understand marriage in Thailand for Danish nationals? Firstly, registration of marriage in Thailand can only be processed at the District Office or Amphur. Much similar to Denmark’s town hall. Now remember that marriage ceremonies at churches or in mosques or even home ceremonies with monks attending the wedding are not legally binding – therefore it is also not recognized in Denmark.

Marriage in Thailand for Danish Nationals

For Danish nationals to be able to register marriage in Thailand, the Thai government requires that the Danish Embassy issue a certificate in English and Thai, confirming the Danish national’s name, passport number, nationality, address in Denmark, employer, position and salary. Also included are the names and age of children from past relationships.

Documentation Requirements:

  • Passport;
  • Health insurance card or other documents of your present address;
  • Income statement, or pension statement, or yearly salary statement from the Danish government;
  • Divorce or Death certificate of previous spouse, translated into Thai and certified by the Embassy or any translation service recommended by the embassy;
  • Names and addresses of character reference from Denmark, not including family;
  • Names and age of children, if applicable;
  • Certification from your Danish municipality regarding notification of marriage;

To avoid delays it is important to coordinate with the embassy prior travel in order to have all necessary documents prepared before coming Marriage in Thailand for Danish Nationalsto Thailand.

The embassy will attest documents needed for marriage in Thailand. You should have all your documents and certificates issued by the Royal Danish Embassy. Then translated and verified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Usually, it takes a couple of days for them to verify a document, with succeeding fees. You will note that the Danish Embassy is not authorized to assist in verifying your documents at the MFA.

Once the certificate has been verified, you may then have to proceed with your marriage registered at any District Office in Thailand. The Amphur will charge a fee for the marriage registration. After the marriage process, translation and legalization of marriage documents shall take place.

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