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Marriage in Thailand for French Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for French Nationals is explained as follows. Foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand need to appear in person with their respective passports and arrival card at their embassy in Thailand to obtain the declarations attesting them being single and free to marry in accordance to Thai law.

Marriage in Thailand for French Nationals

Foreigners who want to marry in Thailand should obtain clearance from their respective embassies. Some embassies in Thailand may require you to obtain your Single Certificate from your home county before arriving in Thailand. The embassy will then certify this document for the marriage registration.

Marriage in Thailand for French NationalsFor French Passport holder, you will need to contact the Embassy of France in Bangkok for the list of documents required. Specific instructions pertaining to documents will be given by the embassy and will only speak with the couple.

It usually takes a maximum waiting period of three months. This before they are able to issue the affirmation of freedom to marry. For the time-frame of the obtaining the affirmation document, the French Embassy usually takes a very long time, and it is recommended to contact the embassy for their time requirement. This process can always be arranged by yourself with your Embassy.

Marriage Registration Process

The Embassy of France will initially issue certicat de capacite a marriage (CCAM) which has to be translated into Thai by the authorized translation office by the embassy. Once translated, a written declaration called Attestation Sur L Honneur must be filled out in French/ Dutch and copy of passport must be prepared which is also in Thai language together with the CCAM must be submitted for attestation at the embassy. See more here.

The embassy will attest the documents. These must be legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign affairs to proceed with marriage. After the marriage process. The Thai-issued marriage documents must be legalized by the Ministry. Then these must be translated again into French or Dutch by the authorized translation office of the embassy.

The final step would be the submission of the translated marriage documents. This for attestation submission at the embassy which must be done in person by the French national. In order to be issued a Family permit for the record. See also marriage registration for Danish on this website.

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