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Marriage Requirements

These are the rules in Thailand for getting married. If these rules are not followed than you might be in a situation where the marriage needs to be annulled. The annulment of marriage can be costly in the end as the attorneys have to file for an annulment with the Thai courts. Ensure that you have all the documents as needed and that you have all the requirements for the marriage.

Marriage Requirements

1. You need to be older than 17 at the day of the marriage registration. The Embassy cannot assist you with this if you are not 17 at the day of registration. Your Thai wife also needs to be older than 17. If she is not 17 years of age or older then you would need to speak to an attorney about an application to court to give her permission to marry.

2. If your Thai wife is under the age of 20 then the District Office might need her parents to be at the District Office at the day of the marriage registration. Again you need to speak to a family lawyer in Thailand about this as you might end in a voidable marriage if it is not done correctly;

3. Both you are your Thai fiancée are single and able to marry. Plural marriages are not allowed in Thailand even though it was in the 1940’s. The laws have changed this then;

4. Note that you should not be blood relatives. You cannot marry a daughter or a parent in Thailand;

5. If you are getting married to someone who has been divorced recently (within 310 days) then you will need to have a certificate from the doctor to show that she is not pregnant. Speak to a lawyer about this requirement and the timeline.

6. You are not allowed to marry an insane person who has been declared insane by the Thai courts. You would need an annulment later if you did not know this.

Marriage Requirements in Thailand

Marriage RequirementsThese are the requirements for the marriage registration process in Thailand. If you are not sure about the process or the procedures at the Embassy in Bangkok then view the Embassy process on this website which is based on nationality.

Once the marriage has been registered you are now allowed to apply for a marriage visa to stay in Thailand or for a foreign visa such as a US spouse visa or Australian Partner visa while in Thailand. The marriage registration is not the same as the traditional marriage which many have in Thailand. The traditional wedding in Thailand is not legally binding as you cannot enter another country as husband or wife nor will a Thai visa be extended to you in Thailand on a traditional Thai marriage also known as a ‘village wedding’.

If you have any other question about getting married in Thailand. Then search this website or contact a family lawyer in Thailand. This especially if you are wanting to file a prenuptial agreement with your marriage registration. These need to be done together in Thailand to be viewed as valid and binding on the parties.

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