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Thai Marriage Visa

The Thai Marriage Visa is explained below with the marriage registration explained elsewhere on this website. If you are married to a Thai national then you can apply for a marriage visa in Thailand. This visa allows you to live with your Thai wife in Thailand however the visa does not give you the right to work. There are financial requirements for the marriage visa and these have been listed below.

Thai Marriage Visa

Note that you will have to leave the country and go to Malaysia, Singapore or Cambodia to obtain the 3 month marriage visa also known as the Thai “O” visa. The “O” stands for other as you can also use this visa to visit your Thai children in Thailand or other relatives that you might have. Each Embassy has its own rules and these change from time to time:

  • 1.       Cambodia will only issue two marriages visas back to back before they turn you down;
  • 2.       Singapore will only issue the visa once and ask you to get it extended;
  • 3.       Malaysia issues a 12 month multiple entry visa if you show 400,00 THB in a Thai account.

Thai Marriage VisaEach Embassy treats the visa application differently and you need to check what their rules are as they have become very tough on visa abuse over the past 6 years in Thailand. The timeline for the visa is also different. Singapore and Malaysia is an overnight process. Cambodia can take up to 3 days to get the visa issued. Once you have the visa in your passport you now need to enter Thailand. Once you enter Thailand you now have 90 days to extend the visa.

The visa has to be extended at Thai Immigration in Thailand and you will need to show the following documents in order for the visa to be extended for 12 months. Note that these are the same documents which you handed in at The Thai Embassy when you applied for the visa.

Thai Marriage Visa Documents:

  • Application form
  • Copy of your passport
  • Also a copy of your marriage certificate (both versions)
  • Copy of your wife’s Thai ID card
  • Copy of your wife’s Tabian Baan (House paper book)
  • Also a copy of your Thai bank book (Some embassies)
  • Copy of your Thai children’s birth certificates (optional)

These documents are handed in again at Thai immigration for the extension. You will now have to add the following documents as well. You need a hand drawn map to your house or apartment in Thailand where you live. Also proof of the 400,000 THB in income you make each year. This bank book needs to be verified by the Bank manager with a letter to confirm. You also need photos of you and your Thai wife together at home. The rules change every few years. they now require photos of you and your wife standing in front of the house or apartment you are living now.

Note that you can also convert your current visa to a 12 month marriage visa without the need to leave Thailand. Speak to an attorney in Bangkok for more assistance in this regard. Search this website for more information on a Thailand visa.

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