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Wedding Locations

Phuket and Samui are good wedding locations and tend to be where most want to have their weddings. Very few weddings occur in Bangkok as it just does not have the scenery of a tropical island. Phuket is still one the most popular for both Westerns and local Thai nationals.  There has over the years appeared more wedding planners in Phuket and many resorts and hotels now cater for these. Here are some of the options available to you.

Wedding Locations

Wedding planners will do a much better wedding arrangement that you would be able to do from the UK. They can also cater for any taste and many decide to either get married on the beach or to get married in a beautiful chapel. If it is a Roman Catholic wedding then they will arrange for a priest and whatever else would be needed. In Phuket you have the options of ceremony types (Thai, Japanese, Western and Chinese) and many also offer festive services for the wedding such as (fireworks, elephants, and musicians). They can offer to make your wedding day as memorable as you want without breaking the bank. You can really afford to get married in style in Thailand. Note that only Sala and Twin Palms offers the services of a Catholic priest but these need to be arranged well in advance.

Wedding LocationsThese are the top 3 Hotels in Phuket who do wedding planning:

Twin Palms Phuket

The hotel has a wedding planning team and have 4 locations for you to choose from. Two of these locations are on the beach itself while the other is a yacht wedding. They do not do the legalities of marriage registration so you need to speak to a lawyer in Phuket about doing this for you. The Twin Palms offers Western style weddings; renewal of vows; Thai monk blessing and also the Thai water ceremony. They also provide the wedding outfits for each of these wedding types however they do not have a wedding chapel as they tend to do beach front weddings. They also offer flying lanterns, firework, saxophonist, violinist and fire dancing for entertainment.

Sala Phuket

Much like Twin Palms they do not have a chapel and also do beach front weddings. Marriage registration is also not done and a lawyer in Phuket will solve this for you very easily. Sala tends to offer only Western wedding and Thai wedding ceremonies. They offer beachside weddings, rooftop weddings as well as poolside ceremonies with dinner. They can also arrange Thai dancers for your wedding if it is a traditional Thai wedding ceremony as well as yacht charter, limo transfer as well as helicopter scenic flight.

Trisara Phuket

Trisara offer beach wedding ceremonies at Bangtao and Naithon beaches in Phuket. The hotel also offers private residency weddings, beach front weddings and sunset weddings which make for great wedding pictures. Much like the others additional entertainment can be arranged.

If you are planning a wedding then Phuket makes for great wedding photos at a price that you would not find in the UK or elsewhere. There are very few locations in Asia that makes for sunset and beachfront weddings other than Phuket in the Gulf of Thailand.