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Western Weddings in Thailand

These are western weddings in Thailand if you are getting married. If you are planning on getting married in Thailand and have a traditional Christian wedding. Then Thailand offers a number of options. There are numerous locations such as a wedding in Samui. Maybe a wedding in Phuket on the beach or a simply wedding in a church. About 1% of Thai people are Christian. However the Christian influence is to be found in Thailand by way of Christian schools and colleges.

Western Weddings in Thailand

Western Weddings in ThailandIf this is what you want then you will need to find a pastor or a priest to conduct the wedding ceremony for you. Maybe of the bridal stores in Thailand sell or rent bridal costumes and they can be found everywhere. Many Thai’s even Buddhists like to have Western style marriage pictures next to their traditional Thai wedding pictures. It’s become a bit of a fashion trend in Asia.

Protestant Church:

Your timing is going to have to be very good and most times foreigners hire a wedding agent to do all the arrangements for them. These wedding agents tend to have a list of who they are able to call and arrange these weddings for you, on condition that you also use their wedding facilities. These wedding planners are very popular in Thailand especially in Samui and Phuket where they can arrange very elaborate weddings at a fraction of the cost in the West. Most times they will also have contacts for the wedding such as a pastor from a protestant church. There is of course the marriage counselling which takes place before the wedding however with enough time all of these can be put into your wedding schedule. Trying to arrange this by yourself from overseas would prove to be very difficult.

Catholic Church:

You are going to need your Baptismal Certificates if you are going to get married by a Catholic priest in Thailand. This can normally be arranged by wedding planners in Thailand and you would have to give them your 3 verses from the Bible which you will read before the exchanging of vows. Like most weddings in Thailand you are going to want to have a photographic service to capture the moment. Many foreigners plan their weddings at a beach side resort or taking their vows while on the beach dressed in traditional Western wedding garments. There are a number of these planners who can offer you excellent advice and guidance.

Marriage Registration:

Once you are married you might want to register your marriage in Thailand. This can also be arranged however you will need to have all the needed documents for the registration process. In Thailand the process starts with a visit to your Embassy. This to get the first affidavit of a letter of no impediment. From there you could spend another 2-3 days with Bangkok red tape. Most simply give the documents to an attorney in Phuket or Bangkok. They do all the legwork while they go on honeymoon. There is no point getting married in Thailand and spending a week dealing with bureaucracy. See the rest of the website for more information on the process. Also what you should bring with you to Thailand.